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The project promoters have allocated space on the lower ground floor for the establishment of a high security storage centre. The centre will follow the strictest International Standards and Security Protocols and use the latest security technology for the safe keeping of valuables. The safekeeping of valuables in strict confidence will minimize the danger of theft or damage of the stored items and offer an alternative to storing valuables in all sorts of places at the home or office.

The centre will cater for the specific needs of each client offering alternative options depending on the type of contents and the degree of security required in each case. The centre aims to attract clients not only from Cyprus but also from the Middle East, the Balkans, Southern Europe and North Africa. Clients could be individuals, companies, organisations, corporations, trusts, banks, museums etc.   

Access to the Secure Storage Centre will only be possible via digital and biometric means. The vault area will be protected by thick walls of one-meter depth of concrete and reinforced with a thick layer of steel which will make it practically impenetrable. Furthermore, the whole area will be protected by numerous smart security measures which will deter any aspiring thief of attempting to penetrate the centre.

There will be various sizes of boxes which among others can contain all types of valuables, including cash, precious stones, jewelry, important physical documents, electronic data, gold etc. The safety deposit boxes will be rented on an annual basis to clients who will be entitled to four (4) free visits per annum. Additional visits are possible at a small extra cost.

The secure Storage Area will also be able to accommodate larger items including paintings, works of art antiques, manuscripts as well as other valuable merchandises.


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